Odour Controll
There are many reasons for an odour to be present in Carpet and Upholstery.
At Network Carpet Cleaning, we have extensive experience and specialty products in the field of ODOUR CONTROL.
To give an example of removing any odour on this site is simply NOT possible. Each odour must be accessed and the source located, before any remedial treatment can be undertaken and each odour will be treated differently.
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Pet Urine Odour
One of the biggest odour problems in carpets is pet Urine. Masking agents and deodorisers merely cover the urine odour with a fragrance.  Alcohol and solvent-based products remove some of the compounds but do not remove the insoluble urine salt crystals.  These crystals are the source of odours that return in humid conditions, even after ‘cleaning’.
There is no miracle chemical that will remove urine odour from the pad and flooring by a surface cleaning and application. However, with the proper product and technique, you can drastically improve the situation. If you have decided to treat the problem from the surface, then you can always improve the situation but almost never guarantee complete odour removal.
One of the most effective methods Network Carpet Cleaning uses for urine removal is to flood the affected area with a heavy application of ACID SPOTTER diluted with water. The solution will dwell for at least 15 minutes and will then be extracted with a water claw subsurface extraction tool.
The carpet will then be sprayed heavily with a solution of ENZYMATIC DIGESTOR diluted with warm water. Enough solution is applied to effect a 24-hour drying period. It is important to realize that the odour removal process continues until the carpet is completely dry or until all organic food sources have been digested. Once a carpet feels dry to the touch, it will actually take another 24 to 48 hours for the interior carpet structure to dry. Do not judge the effectiveness of the treatment until all of this time has passed.
The bio-enzymes continue to work even when the carpet feels dry. You will need to understand the necessity of the extended drying time.
This treatment is very effective. Immediate knockdown of odours is accomplished as the Odour counteractants in ENZYMATIC DIGESTOR go to work to neutralize the chemical and vaporous odours, plus the highly concentrated bacteria spores work to produce enzymes and consume the organic sources in the urine. The combination is truly effective.
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